Johnson Lane, NV Real Estate Analysis

Johnson Lane, Minden Real Estate Market Stats

Average Home Values

Price Distribution

Home Averages

$0 Average Price

Owners vs Renters


Local vs National Home Values

Percent Homes Decreasing 29% 27.2%
Percent Listing Price Reduction 0 0
Median List Price Per Sq Ft 0 111
Median List Price 0 215,000
Median Sale Price 0 217,800
Homes For Sale 0 0
Homes Recently Sold 0 0
Property Tax 0 2,083
Turnover (Sold Within Last Yr.) 0 0
Median Value Per Sq Ft 0 120
Homes For Sale By Owner Array Array
New Construction Array Array
Foreclosures Array Array

Walk Score for Johnson Lane, Minden

Johnson Lane, Minden School Data

Minden School Districts

Douglas County School District
PK-12 & ungraded

Minden Schools

Douglas County High School
10-12 & ungraded, public
Jacobsen High (China Spring Yc)
7-12, public
Pinon Hills Elementary School
K-6, public
Minden Elementary School
PK-6, public
Douglas Alternative School
6-12, public
Minden Montessori School
K-1, private
Sierra Crest Academy
7-12, charter
Grace Christian Academy
K-8, private



Christy is a breath of fresh air to work with. She is responsive and personable and always there to answer any questions. While I am still house hunting, and in various locations, Christy is my Northern Nevada realtor of choice!

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